Mind the Gap



London is such a fast-paced city. It seems like I can hardly keep up with everything. I’m constantly in imminent danger of getting run over by a double-decker bus or a taxi. Everything around me seems to be constantly on theĀ  move. Even the city itself is changing constantly. We went through a good amount of construction yesterday, but it was interesting to see how much of the city is changing. It reminded me of all the construction happening back in Massachusetts and Lowell.

Today we visited the British Museum (which is not air-conditioned, much like the rest of London). I found myself lost among the ruins of the ancient societiesĀ  of Greece and Egypt. I loved imagining the people who owned the jewelery on display, and the clothing. Looking at the mummies was especially interesting.It illustrates humanity’s fascination with death in a beautiful way. At dinner tonight (authentic Indian cuisine!), our group discussed how different cultures experience death. It seemed to be a recurring theme in each section of the museum.

Yesterday we finally got to see Big Ben and go on the London Eye! It was an amazing experience. The girls and I stayed after our program was done for the day and got to see the sun set over Big Ben from the top of the Eye. I think that was truly the moment I realized I am in England. Not a bad place to be.