Selfie Me

I’m in the middle of feeling like I’ve been in London forever, and like time is flying by. We’ve already been here for five days and done so much. It’s hard to say if I even have a favorite part right now. I really enjoyed going to the British Museum the other day and seeing the amazing artifacts this building contains. It was also a good time to unwind by ourselves and to take our time with the exhibits we liked.

As a group we’ve grown a bond and already have become our own family. I think that one of the best things this trip has afforded all of us is the ability to get to know each other very quickly and find out we get along perfectly. As a student family we have tackled the Tube at rush hour, survived our first torrential London downpour and done a walking tour around the city center.

Although we switched a few things around on the schedule I’m so happy to be walking the streets and seeing the everyday culture of London rather than just seeing the tourist sites. However, we have seen some of the most important tourist sites anywhere close by. One of my favorite things was seeing Westminster Abbey and the history it offers. I was also so excited to see Cleopatra in the Museum, especially since we will be seeing the play¬†Antony and Cleopatra.

Going to the Prom concert last night and being able to get dressed up for it was a lot of fun. It has been a a jam packed summer so far and with Hyde Park Cemetary on the list for tomorrow I’m so much more excited. I’ve attached some of the pictures from the last few days and a few “selfie me” photos as well!