Xbox 360 on UMass Lowell’s Wireless Network

UMass Lowell provides wireless network capabilities for many game consoles. However, due to its older wireless electronics, one specific model of the Microsoft Xbox  360 will no longer work on the University’s wireless network. This specific model can be identified by its angled case:

Xbox 360

The newer model of Xbox 360 slim with the square case does work properly on the wireless network:

Xbox 360 new

For more information, visit Wireless Access on the UMass Lowell Campus.

Game Console Wireless Network Now Supports LAN Parties

UMass Residential Students:
As of January 2014, the ‘uml-game-consoles’ network supports network-based multi-player gaming (commonly referred to as a ‘LAN party’), both against other UMass Lowell participants and with participants outside the University.
NOTE: This capability is only provided on the ‘uml-game-consoles’ wireless network ‘ game consoles connected to the wired network may not function properly when used in a LAN party.
For more information, please see the information on game consoles here: