KLE Week 2

Since my last blog entry, a lot more amazing things have happened here at KLE and around India. A group of us traveled outside the campus and got to do some shopping, friendships grew closer, and we had an awesome field trip. Every day we get closer and closer and it makes me wish my life could stay like this forever. Them main reason is decided to come here was because I needed a big change in my life because I felt as if I was going crazy or felt nothing but lonely. I knew opportunities were coming in my life but it felt like I was just waiting for that to happen and felt myself rushing school so I could get there. I did not want to feel that anymore so I thought this trip would help me mentally, spiritually and physically; and I was correct.

Shopping around the town was a whole new experience for me. We were in a big group so I didn’t feel nervous, I felt excited. Mainly because we were shopping for Kurta’s and I have wanted one since I saw them at the airport. Tomorrow is ethnic day and i am stoked to put mine on and wear it as well as to see everyone else in theirs. Also, over the last few days the friendships grew more and more. With trips to mcdonald’s, scooter rides around campus, and even going to different restaurants around KLE. These people feel like family to me and I have never been this excited to be around a group of people in a long time. Furthermore, we went to Rock Garden yesterday and that was a blast. I loved seeing all the statues and art that made me appreciate Indian culture even more. The most memorable part of that trip was the rain dance. Dancing in cold water in my clothes surrounded by my classmates and other Indian kids was a thrill that I do not think I can explain. It was so freeing and fun, I wish I could do it forever.

Every day I get the gut wrenching thought of having to eventually leave KLE and India for good. Some times I wonder if all the happiness will be worth the sadness I will feel once I’m back home in the New England winter and missing all the Indian and Chinese students. I am happy to have new friends with the Umass Lowell students that I will keep but I will never see the rest of them again. I am trying to tell myself to not be sad that it’s over but to smile because it happened but we will see how I deal with this once I am back home