New and Improved

University Relations’ Web Services has made some changes for 2015.

Tridion Upgrade

By now, many of you have had the chance to work with the new Site Edit. Hichame Asrary, our web trainer, has created a new Tridion manual to help you navigate the new procedures. Please be sure to refer to the updated Tridion manual  when creating and editing content and uploading pictures or documents. Please send any questions or comments to

Announcement Email/Website

Everyone at the university receives the Today@UMass Lowell email. Announcements include:  Featured Events, From the Top and Announcements.

  • Featured Events are designated by our senior web editor Suzanne Dulude Potter.
  • From the Top items are designated by cabinet members.
  • Announcement can be submitted by anyone at the university through this Announcement form.

This daily email is a teaser for two websites: one for students and one for faculty/staff. These sites expand upon daily university news.

For more information about Today@UMass Lowell visit our website. The FAQ section is very helpful.

Media Email Notification

Everyone with an or email will also receive a UMass Lowell  “In the News” email which highlights external media hits. Hits are mentions of UMass Lowell in media outlets. Hits come from, for example, The Lowell Sun, CNN or The Boston Globe.  At the bottom of the “In the News” email, there is a link to unsubscribe if recipients so wish.


You’ve seen them, you’ve watched them and now University Relations will be sending you useful information through them. They are the video screens all over campus called Hawki. In coordination with offices throughout campus with oversight of specific screens, the University Relations web team will provide support through updated templates, news and event information.

Have an update or idea for Hawki? Email to contact us.

We wish you the best for the new year as we try to improve internal communications!

Contact us: by email or by phone ext. 4-3875.