Welcome to the monthly Higher Webucation blog. Web Services is here to help you upload, edit and layout meaningful content for your department’s web pages. This blog will address frequently asked content and layout questions, provide tips, and inform you about the web editorial process.

Life after Tridion Training
You have all been trained in Tridion Site Edit, but how do you decide what to say (the content) on your site? And how should the content look (the layout)? Web Services is here to help. It is our job to make your department shine on the web.

Before you even begin to write, ask yourself:

  • Who is your audience? Know if you are speaking, for example, to parents, students, or professional partners.
  • Are you speaking your audience’s language? Researchers, donors, and concerned Lowell residents are different audiences; they need to be addressed differently.
  • Is your content informative without being longwinded? Whether the visitor is on a desktop or a mobile device, they don’t have time to hunt for what they need. Think of your own behavior. Do you curl up on your couch with a laptop or phone for a good read? No – when you’re on the web you’re looking for information. Visitors to are looking for information too – give it to them.
  • Will your audience be enticed to take action? You want the visitor to take the next step: apply to the program, register for a seminar, or donate to the university. Are you providing the vehicle for that action: link to iSiS, web registration form, link to payment site?

Tridion provides a template for our website. Within that template we all have the ability to upload inspirational videos (nursing students in Ghana), use bullet points for precise instructions (withdrawing from a class), or display crucial data in tables (tuition), but when all those elements are on one page, the overall look may be unappealing as well as overwhelming.

Generally, a new design element equals a new page. Be concise and link to another page for more information (rowing).

Stay Tuned
Please stay tuned for monthly, detailed content and layout tips!

For questions about how to use Site Edit please refer to Web Services’ website, where you will find the Tridion training manual, FAQs and contact information (and by that we mean Hichame’s ext.)!

For questions about content or layout call Web Content at ext. 4-3875 or email us at

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