What You Can and Can’t Do in Site Edit


Site Edit helps you, Tridion users, make your own changes, but sometimes you need to call Web Content in for some support…

What You Can Do

  • Change content on your page.
  • Make a new component or page. See page 25 in the Tridion Training Manual
  • Add photos that appear within a component (embedded). Size the photo in PhotoShop (maximum width of 200 px) and upload it into Tridion, and add it to your page. Here are the Site Edit instructions for photos. The university has a license for PhotoShop, see IT for more information.
  • Provide information to create a form. If you need a form for your website, we will create it, stage it and review it with you.

What We Can Do for You

  • Change photos that appear in the circular corner of a page. Send us the original, high quality photo either in an email to webcontent@uml.edu or via Shareit.
  • Footer information at the bottom of your pages. There is an address at the bottom of every page called the footer. We can edit this for you. Send changes to webcontent@uml.edu.
  • Edit the introduction on your landing page. Not everyone has this template for a landing page, but if you do send your edit to the introduction to webcontent@uml.edu and we’ll make the change. The introduction of the below landing page begins after the light-green header and to the left of the picture.


  • Change the order of or add to your navigation. The dark blue area on the left that lists the pages within your site is the navigation (pictured above). Send an email to webcontent@uml.edu if you’d like your navigation changed.
  • Add your blog, Facebook or Twitter feed in one of the columns on your landing page.

Stay Tuned
Please stay tuned for monthly, detailed content and layout tips!

For questions about how to use Site Edit please refer to the Web Services’ site, where you will find the Tridion training manual, FAQs and contact information (and by that we mean Hichame’s ext.)!

For questions about content or layout call Web Content at ext. 4-3875 or email us at webcontent@uml.edu.