What Happens to My Changes?

The Process – Understanding Tridion Workflow

Do you feel insecure when you click the “finish activity” button in Site Edit? Do you wonder what happens next? You are not alone. Let’s take the worry out of this process by describing what actually happens.

Every change that is made in Site Edit is reviewed by Web Content. Your edited component shows up in our Tridion “Assignment List.” This process is called workflow. Someone on the Web Content team reviews your changes within 48 hours (very likely a lot sooner) and does one of three things:

  • Approves it and publishes it live (hooray)!
  • Stages it because it is a work in progress or we’ve asked that you make revisions (making progress, also hooray)!
  • Rejects it because there is a major content or layout issue that needs to be fixed (darn, but don’t worry because we can help).

Approval – Your link is working, your grammar is correct, your picture is the right size or some other magical addition has occurred. Your change will be published to the live website and you will not hear from us. If it is urgent that you know when this is published, let us know in the comment box that you’d like to be notified.

Staging – This is a shadow site where we can work free of the public’s eye. You can ask for something to be staged so you can evaluate it (just let us know in the comment box) or we may stage it for you to get your opinion on an adjustment we’ve made. We will send you your department’s specific staged link when we’re working together on a site.

Rejection – A harsh word, we know, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Rejection is just a Mulligan, a second chance, a do-over and it’s completely within the rules of content enhancement! First, you will receive an email from Tridion stating that your edit has been rejected. Next, you will receive an email from one of us telling you why. Finally, you can log back in to fix the component/page.

  • Step 1 – Refresh the browser (Firefox)
  • Step 2 – Click on the editable component
  • Step 3 – In the component toolbar click on the middle button (Edit parent Component in Publication 03…)
  • Step 4 – Click Start Activity button (black button in the far right)
  • Step 5 – Double click on the content
  • Step 6 – Start editing

Web Content is looking forward to your changes!

Note to Site Edit users: until further notice please use Firefox as your browser while working in Site Edit. Chrome and Internet Explorer do not support our current version of Tridion.

Stay Tuned
Please stay tuned for monthly, detailed content and layout tips!
For questions about how to use Site Edit please refer to the Web Services website, where you will find the Tridion training manual, FAQs and contact information (and by that we mean Hichame’s ext.)!
For questions about content or layout call Web Content at ext. 4-3875 or email us at webcontent@uml.edu.