Italy 6.17.18

Simple food, simple life.

Today we made pizza and gelato in a cooking class and I must say, I did a pretty good job making my pizza. By myself. Well, mostly. I might have had a little help from the Italian teacher as well as Regina who turns out to be a dough making professional. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to make everything and it did not take super long. In addition, it was better than most pizzas I’ve had back at home.

We were given a small recipe book too so who knows, maybe I’ll actually try to cook for myself more often! Thanks for the motivation to live healthier, more adventurously and to take on new challenges, Florence!

Italy 6.16.18

I love wine. Enough said.

But in all seriousness, I’m happy to have had my first winery tour abroad in Italy. The country side was beautiful, almost too perfect for my mind to comprehend that it’s real.

Everything here, from food to buildings to clothing to the wine seems vibrant, fresh and full of color. I feel as though I’m seeing things through a filter that makes everything more colorful and full of life.

I think the strawberries I bought at a market in a quaint little town will be the best I’ll ever taste.

Italy 6.15.18

Choosing to go to Venice on our free day was the best decision I’ve made in a while.

I think it’s hard to judge a culture or experience a culture fully based off of one city or town. It was eye opening to go from walking through the busy streets of Florence to taking a boat from destination to destination in Venice to strolling through the quaint island of Morono where there were several glass stores and museums.

I have to say, I think Venice has been my favorite place so far. I’m glad to have visited before it gets lost to the ocean.

Italy 6.13.18

David was definitely the highlight of yesterday’s museum adventures! Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures were also very interesting – the way the figures seemed to be fighting to get out of a prison of marble was one of the most unique things I’ve seen on this trip so far!