2017 Summer Boot Camp Session 4

Summer Boot Camp Session 4 was bittersweet; us at DifferenceMaker are thrilled to see what the teams have to accomplish, but we will miss meeting with the students every Thursday! The session began with a Mad Libs activity. Each team filled in the blanks regarding the problem they’re solving, their goal, and product. The results were outstanding, everyone was creative and willing to share. The teams presented hypothesis’ that were followed by answers and solutions. The teams received insight from eight different advisors during the Round Robin Advising. Each team introduced their idea to an advisor and received feedback. They moved to a different advisor every seven minutes. Since all the teams were present for all four sessions, they received permission to use $1,000 of the funding they won at the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge. The students left with homework to work on for Demo Day.


DifferenceMaker would like to thank Michelle Bazin, Jack Wang and Hunter Mack for their undivided support and attention these past four weeks. Their efforts were greatly appreciated!

  • Michelle Bazin
    • Professor – College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Co-Director of Legal Studies and UML, Lawyer, Non-profits
    • DM Guest Speaker – Entrepreneural Speaker Series
  • Jack Wang
    • DifferenceMaker and EforAll Mentor
    • Business development, finance/accounting, Non-profits
  • Hunter Mack
    • Professor – Francis College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    • DifferenceMaker Faculty Fellow, Francis College of Engineering

Thank you to our Round Robin Advising guests!

  • Gary Ainsworth
    • UML New Venture Fellow
    • Business dev. and strategy, engineering, sciences
  • Stephen Powell
    • UML MSB Faculty, Market research and intelligence, product management, strategic pricing
  • Michael Ciuchta
    • UML MSB Faculty, finance, strategy
  • Deb Finch
    • UML MSB Faculty and DM Fellow, non-profits
  • Steven Geyster
    • UML Eng. Alumni, entrepreneur, med-device
  • Nancy Saucier
    • UML Staff, New Venture Development
  • Ira Turner
    • UML Sciences Alumni, Lawyer, Patent Law
  • David Vatalaro
    • UML Eng. Alumni, software engineering
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