Summer Boot Camp Session 1

On Thursday, June 2nd, DifferenceMaker teams gathered at the Innovation Hub at 110 Canal St to attend the first session of the 2016 Summer Boot Camp. Teams discussed their projects among their peers as well as several mentors, and talked more in depth about how to target customer markets and get a foot in the door in the business world. Teams will continue to gather together with DifferenceMaker staff and mentors throughout the month of June to further discuss their projects!


A big thank you to all of this session’s special guests!

  • Yi Yang, Professor, Manning School of Business
  • Rekha Paleyanda, Director, Office of Technology Commercialization
  • Franky Descoteaux, Executive Director, EforAllĀ 
  • Todd Morgan, Professor, Manning School of Business
  • Ralph Jordan, Professor, Manning School of Business
  • Paul Schor, Attorney, Gallagher & Cavanaugh LLP
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