Living with Intention

By: Medi Woldemichael, Manning School of Business Well-being Leader

College life is a real whirlwind! With classes, hanging out with friends, and everything else, it’s easy to just go with the flow and not think too much. But living with purpose is all about taking charge and making sure you’re doing what really matters to you. This blog is here to help you, as a college student, figure out what it means to live with purpose and give you simple tips to make your college years really count.

What does Living with Purpose Mean?
Living with purpose is about making choices and doing things that matter to you. It’s about knowing what you care about and making sure your actions match that. For college students, it means not just going through the motions but really focusing on what you want and making it happen.
Why Living with Purpose Matters in College:
Growing as a Person: College is when you learn a lot about yourself. If you live with purpose, you can really make the most of that and grow in the ways that matter to you.
Doing Well in Classes: When you have a purpose, you tend to do better in your classes because you know why you’re studying and what you want to get out of it.
Finding Balance: College can get overwhelming but living with purpose helps you balance your studies with fun, which means less stress and more happiness.
Building Relationships: Making friends and connections is a big part of college. Living with purpose means making friends who care about the same things you do and who can help you reach your goals.
Planning for the Future: When you live with purpose, you’re better at making decisions about what you want to do after college, like your career and other life goals.
Tips for Living with Purpose:
Have Clear Goals: Start by setting goals that are specific and doable. This helps you know what you’re aiming for.
Manage Your Time: College time flies! Use things like to-do lists and focusing on what’s most important to make the most of your day.
Think About Your Progress: Take some time now and then to think about how things are going. It helps you stay on track.
Choose Good Friends: Hang out with friends who support you and care about the stuff you care about. They can help you live with purpose.
Take Care of Yourself: Eating well, getting enough rest, and exercising is super important for feeling good and doing well in college.
Get Advice: Don’t be scared to ask for help from teachers, mentors, or advisors. They can give you good advice for making decisions and reaching your goals. Living with purpose in college isn’t about planning everything, but about making choices that matter to you. It helps you make the most of your college years, grow as a person, and get ready for your future. College is a special time, so live with purpose and make the best out of it.