Architecture of Spain

I fall in love each time I see buildings with beautiful art and structure.

This is a picture of the valencia cathedral. The whole building is Art. From the little details to the bigger image, this is more than a building.

I found this to be powerful. It was also found on the cathedral building of valencia.

One of my favorite place in valencia is the city of arts and sciences. It is very beautiful with the blue waters and the scenery.

This particular artwork I found during our walk around the city of arts and sciences stood out to me. It looks like the person is sad but that is just my interpretation of things. Everything here was beautiful. I hope you visit in the future.

Experience in Spain(Community)

Spain and their love for togetherness and community/things I found troubling.

I made a little snippet on YouTube about San-Juan festival and how the band brought everyone together.

Everything about this video is absolutely beautiful. I love the sense of togetherness that everyone has. This city has a knack for bringing people together. This is done in many ways. whether it is eating tapas together, or dancing together. Everyone gathered on the night of san-Juan to celebrate the change from spring to summer. There were fireworks, music, bonfires, and more. It was a joyful moment. A highlight of the night was the band. Something about it was heartwarming. I loved the mannerisms of the players, they bent down, turned around, switched parts, just to entertain the people of valencia. I was reminded of my time in Ghana The band especially brought back memories because I was a part of a youth group band in which I was a drum major. I loved that what I did because everyone has eyes on you and you draw people to your community and culture. The skills and talent disappeared when I came to America because everything that is done individually. I felt like a completely changed person when I came at first.

Another presentation of joy in Valencia community happened when some friends and I went to Poblats Marítims on the beach to get paella. When we were there, someone randomly turned on a big speaker and everyone joined in and danced. It was so beautiful how they can party anywhere. I mean anywhere. I had to dance too because the DJ really knew how to get people up on their knees.

I have said some positive things I noticed in Valencia. Now, I am going to talk about the bad things that I found troubling to me as a black-African girl. Two-weeks into the program, I needed to change my hairstyle so I started looking for places where I could find proper hair extensions that would help me. I could not find any. This is because there are not a lot of African people in Valencia. To get what I needed, I had to go to Barcelona, which was quite pricey. I found that troubling that I cannot embrace certain parts of myself in the city of Valencia.