Experiments, Embryos, and Escapees

escaOur last day in Sao Luis was a calm and relaxed day. We checked on all of our experiments; the urchins, bacteria and fruit flies. The urchins’ cells had multiplied and formed a blackberry type shape which was the start of an embryo! Our petri dishes with the agar and bacteria had grown significantly, some looking like tiny white forests, others like frost on a window. Our fruit flies left a few colorful poops, but it seemed most had escaped from our containers. I quickly went to check on my terrarium as well, just in case something fell over, and I realized that one of the seed pods I used had opened up and it looked even better than when I put it in and it was closed. After breakfast we headed to the beach to release the sea urchins and their new babies and then stopped for a coffee before heading home. We cleaned up and relaxed before dinner and then said our goodbyes as we were off to Lisbon for our last two days.