For the second free weekend, we headed to Prague, Czech Republic. Something I should mention, we rented VW golfs but they were out, so they gave us BMWs and Audis. Needless to say, the autobahn was a blast with these cars; fastest I’ve ever driven 😀 . Back to the city, we found a beautiful Airbnb near the center very close to public transit. It was very easy to get around with a day pass for the system (which was only $5 so a must if you visit). We really just walked around and enjoyed the views. There were only a few attractions we needed to see, the rest was just free roaming. It’s a beautiful city but I don’t see a reason to stay more than a weekend. We visited the famous Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the John Lennon Wall, and the Old Town Square where the clock tower was, which was under construction, unfortunately, but we certainly felt we had seen everything important. The food here is nothing special, I wouldn’t say there’s something you desperately need to try. Nightlife is crazy I’ve been told, a group of us went out to party every night, others walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere (myself included). The scenery speaks for this city, I don’t have much else to say, so enjoy the photos.