Fremantle is a small town quite close to Perth. As Australians love to shorten words and add Os to them, it is locally known as Freo.  It is bustling on weekends and in the evenings and has a personality of it’s own. It has an awesome atmosphere, and is the perfect place to sit back and people watch.

Here are some of the awesome things you can do in Fremantle :

You can walk along the beach and see some really cool sculptures during certain times of the year :

You can walk around and see the really quirky stores that range from Victorian era themed clothing, to fairy costumes for people of any ages :

You can do a torchlight tour of the Fremantle Prison. Very spooky, be prepared for jump scares! It is listed as a World Heritage Site, and is said to be haunted…


You can go to the Fremantle market on the weekend and get fresh fruit, hear music and see all kinds of art work!

You can have a didgeridoo lesson at Didgeridoo Breath, hosting “The most comprehensive range of Authentic, Hand-made Australian Didgeridoos on the planet.” It is really difficult to play the didgeridoo and it gets you out of breath really fast! I have a whole new respect for people who play the ” Didg!”

You can visit the Fremantle Roundhouse, the town’s center for punishment back in the day! This pillory ( the wooden device below,) unlike the ones in Europe that were just used for holding and humiliating people, is used to torture people. Their feet would be tied to the bottom as they were seated and their ears would be nailed to the back of the board… Not fun!

You can go to the Western Australian Shipwreck Museum! Below, you can see the Batavia, a Dutch ship that unfortunately didn’t make it through Australia’s stubborn reefs back in the 1600s. If you go to the site where she washed up, you can still see the damage to the reef today.

You can go clubbing ! The Newport Hotel on Wednesday nights ( student night) is my personal favourite. Be sure to check the bus schedule and plan your way back before going out, if not you’ll have to pay for a cab!

Fremantle is a great place to just hang out and eat yummy cheap food if you have a free afternoon! They also have a lot of festivals and street performances, so be sure to check the calendar if you plan on visiting!