July 10th, 2015 by Erin Byrne

Today we took a beautiful trip to Monet’s house and gardens.  The day began with a ride on the RER a train ride to Giverny and then a 15 minute bus ride to Monet’s house.  Upon arrival we were immediately greeted by the quiet and beautiful countryside. Being from a small town myself, the birds were a welcome change from all of the exciting but loud city noises we have been experiencing so far.  The bus ride dropped us off in a beautiful little area that held some small cafés and gift shops.  The first thing that we did was search for  a good place to have lunch.  We quickly settled on a café that held tables surrounded by bamboo, giving the dining area a relaxing and shaded atmosphere that everyone loved.



After lunch we met our lovely tour guide, Ariane.  Her extensive knowledge on Monet and his gardens, her sweet dispostition and beautiful french accent made the tour even more enjoyable.   She first showed us the lily pond garden where Monet painted his most well known works.  This area was meticuolusly maintained, full of shade and has quickly become one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Then we toured the his other garden which was just as beautiful as the other but had a more organized nature and much more sunlight.


After touring both gardens we toured through Monet’s house which was very beautiful and decorated with his favorite (and also mine) color combination: blue and yellow.


Upon finishing the tour we thanked Ariane and then waited for our train by getting some ice cream.  Then we procceeded to take the bus, the train and the RER back to the Cité.  Today was definitely my favorite day so far but I know we have more beautiful experiences coming our way and I cannot wait!