UMass Lowell in Paris: Comparative Arts & Special Topic in Francophone Studies with Professors Carole Salmon & Jennifer Cadero-Gillette

Comparative Arts in France and Special Topic in Francophone Studies are the two components of a two-course prospectus for Summer 2014 Study Abroad in Paris. Each course will be offered as a 3-credit, and 58.105 is a Gen. Ed. class. Many of the lessons and discussions for both classes will be taught simultaneously or concurrently while visiting various sites in France. Because the two classes are designed to segue into and compliment each other, students will be required to register for both classes for a total of 6 credits. These two courses offer a unique opportunity for students to study the art and cultural history of France while interacting with authentic artifacts and monuments and examining these in situ and in real time. In other words, we will not be looking at reproductions of great art and architecture, we will be discussing them while standing in front of, for example, the actual painting of the Mona Lisa or touring the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral. Likewise French films will be discussed while students experience full immersion in contemporary French society. Learn more.