A bittersweet farewell to Paris

Yesterday was the final day. By 9 a.m., everyone had to be up and ready for their rooms to be checked. It was a really bittersweet day because over the last 19 days, we have all gotten so close. I, personally, feel as if I have made some lifelong friends on this trip. We had a great group of people, each with our differences and similarities, but we worked well together nonetheless. As we left everyone off at the Aer Lingus gate, I realized that yes, this is it: the trip is now over, but the bond that we had together, the friendships we made, they will never be forgotten. We will always remember that zany group of people who came to Paris as strangers but left as close friends. I love them all so much and I feel really lucky to have been able to participate in this Study Abroad program.

Later in the afternoon, when I went alone to get a sandwich from our friend the Crepe Man, he asked me if I missed my friends yet, and I realized then I had never really been alone on this trip. There were always people around me and for the first time, I really felt that you could be alone in Paris. But I don’t really feel alone here because I have the memories of the friends I made on this trip and also I know that I will be seeing them again soon.

A bientôt mes amis 🙂

"Crêpe Man" stand at the Cité