Shopping on Cyber Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

For some, Thanksgiving means getting stuffed with food and a lack of sleep for those Black Friday adventures! However, if you’re anything like me, Black Friday sounds way too chaotic. Why wait in long lines when you have Cyber Monday? If shopping from the comfort of your own home is for you, then I have some great ideas.

After searching the web, I came across and noticed that their top 10 recommended Cyber Monday sales list sounded awesome!

Here are a few that I thought really stood out:

1.                                     Image result for travelocity

Winter break is coming up and you might want a well-deserved vacation. Travelocity is known to have great discounts when booking a trip on Cyber Monday!

2.                                                    Image result for Levis

Jeans can SURELY be expensive. However, take advantage of Levi’s jeans as they are known to add an additional discount to their Black Friday sales on Cyber Monday. I could surely use some!

3.                                      Image result for Deal genius

Stressed out from the thought of Christmas Shopping this year? Same! As a college student on a budget, I’d definitely check out Deal Genius for awesome, but affordable Christmas presents during Cyber Monday.

To check out other recommended places to shop at on Cyber Monday click here!

Good luck shopping and hope you’re all in the Holiday spirit!


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