Let’s Get to Know our Chancellor!


Chancellor Jacquie Moloney began her career as a social worker for the Lowell Association for Retarded Citizens. She then became director for the Indochinese Refugees Foundation. She was even a part of the board of directors for Lowell General Hospital, Greater Lowell Community Foundation, House of Hope, Girl’s Inc. and more!
Not only is she an alumni of UML, she is referred to as a “Double River Hawk” for having received a bachelor’s degree in sociology as well as her doctorate degree in education. She conducted research that led to her creation of the UML’s renowned online programs that has even received recognition internationally!
Before becoming Chancellor, she was the Dean of the Division of Online and Continuing Education and director of our Centers for Learning. She was also involved in the development of UML’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. This brought $10 million worth of funding that led to many great partnerships with organizations like Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.
I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Difference Maker Program by now. Chancellor Moloney is also credited with establishing that as well!

Eventually, Jacquie Moloney was chosen to be Executive Vice Chancellor by our previous chancellor, Marty Meehan, who is now President of the UMass system. Inaugurated as chancellor on August 3rd, 2015, she became the first female chancellor of UMass Lowell.

She plans to implement the UMass Lowell 2020 Strategic Plan that is a strategy to enhance every aspect of the campus.
With her help, UML has progressed into the university that we now know and love! Thank you Chancellor Moloney!

“Be resilient. School can be really tough and I didn’t know how to handle the stress as an underclassman. You just have to stay determined and believe that you’ll get through it.”
– Najja Joseph, Junior Electrical Engineering Student