Finals have always been talk of the future, and now that time is here. Don’t be scared if you feel unprepared, because chances are you’re better off than you think. It’s easy to get caught up the hype and stress of finals, so here are some tips to help you keep your cool.

First, take the time to plan. Know what finals you have to take and when you have to take them. Also, find out what you have to know for each exam. Is it cumulative? Or is it just the last three chapters you’ve learned? Last, plan out when you’re going to study for each final. Making a schedule for yourself can keep you from wasting time and not being sure where to start when the time arrives.

Once you have your plans, put them to action. Make study guides, and study groups. Having all the information you need to know in front of you is extremely helpful, as well as collaborating with others. They can explain things to you that you may not understand, and discussing information out loud will help you remember.

Next, put your finals “survival kit” together. This usually include snacks, caffeine, water, headphones and anything else to keep you ready to go and in the zone.

Lastly, ace your finals! You’ve prepared for these all semester, and studied hard over the past few days. You’re going to do awesome.