Songs to Get You Through the Day

No matter where you go on campus, you’ll see students with headphones in, listening to music. Whether they’re walking, eating in the dining hall, riding the shuttle or just doing homework, music helps them to get through the day.

For me, music is what gets me up for my 8 AM’s, and continues to keep me motivated for the rest of the day. I usually listen to music while I walk from class to class and while I’m studying because there’s nothing like listening to your favorite song as you trudge to a Friday morning lab or when you finally stop procrastinating and make yourself do calculus homework.

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to music is finding the perfect playlist to put you in an upbeat mood. Luckily, I have some great options to fuel your fire.

Here’s a short playlist that’s guaranteed to make you happy:
1) “Sorry”- Justin Bieber
2) “Cecelia and the Satellite”- Andy McMahon in the Wilderness
3) “Electric Love”- BORNS
4) “21”- Hunter Hayes
5) “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)”- Andy Grammer
6) “I Bet My Life”- Imagine Dragons
7) “Pumpin Blood”- NONONO
8) “Nobody Love”- Tori Kelly
9) “Shark in the Water”- V V Brown
10) “The Man” – Aloe Blacc