River Hawk Homecoming 2015

Last weekend UMass Lowell held its annual Riverhawk Homecoming, and as usual, it was a success! On Saturday, the festivities began at 3 pm on Hawkey Way. I took a walk over to see what was happening, and I was impressed. When I first entered the scene there was live music from local bands as well as some performers from the University, such as our Acapella groups. Near the stage there were amazing food trucks, from one of which I bought fried clams, which were absolutely delicious. There was so much other food, like fried dough, french fries and a personal favorite of mine, deep fried oreos.

After filling my belly, I went to explore more. On and off campus groups and clubs had tables and booths. Many of the varsity and club sports had fun activities, as well as a “meet the athletes” station for young fans. One of my favorite stations was the make-your-own stuffed animal station. The best part was that it was absolutely free! Out of the many options, I made a dalmatian. I stuffed him, sewed him up and even put a cute Riverhawk Homecoming t-shirt on him! Here he his!
After the festivities on Hawkey Way ended, UMass Lowell Hockey played Merrimack for the second night in a row. Friday night it was a 1-1 tie, so the tension was high. We were ready for some competition. The game was intense, and ended the same way as the night before; going into overtime with a tie of 1-1.
Overall, homecoming was a great success, and I’m glad that I got to be a part of it, and I hope you did too!