Adventure Time!!!!

     So I assume you’ve heard of this show called “Adventure Time” correct? Because if you haven’t, you need to get a television. TV is great. I’m warning you now though, this blog post has NOTHING to do with the show. But the title is a pretty good attention-grabber, eh? I did, however, choose this show because I want to talk about adventure for a moment. I’m talking serious adventure. Mountain climbing adventure, sky diving adventure, etc. And yes, it’s all completely available to you through UML’s very own Outdoor Adventure Program. I should mention there is a little money involved to go on these types of trips, but the prices are insanely lower than paying full price to go on your own rather than through the school.

     What are your interests when it comes to the outdoors? Do you like winter sports? Skiing? Snowboarding? Or are you a warm weather type of person? So maybe hiking or even surfing would do the trick? Whatever your interests are, there is something for you. Have some fun and experience new things all while staying healthy and getting outside! 
Rachel 🙂