**Final Exam Information is posted on ISIS!**

DON’T be this person…..

Or this one…..



Finals are coming right around the corner! This semester has flown by.. And no one (including me) wants to be any of these 3 memes.. So to prevent the stress and headache we should all probably start checking now.. When is our final? Where is it? What is on it? While your professor can tell you what is on the final, ISIS can tell you the rest of the useful information!
If you go to uml.edu and log into ISIS you can click on the “enrollment” tab, below that you will see “my exam schedule” once you click on that BOOM, you have your exam date, time, and where the exam will take place (note that it could be possibly be in a different class room then you have been in all semester). 
Hope this helped!! Good luck on finals!!! Woo Hoo! 😀

-Kaylaaaa 🙂