End of the semester: TIME TO CHECK OUT!

Halls close at 6PM on May 13th for everyone except those approved (graduating seniors who are registered for senior week activities)
-You should plan to be out 24 hours after your last final

– 24 hour quiet hours begin 5/1 (tomorrow) at 9PM

Checkout process 
        -express: You don’t need hunt down an RA to check your room, just fill out an express checkout pass
        -regular: You need to bring the RA to your room to check your room before you go

– RAs will be available to checkout (10-5 and 7-11 weeknights, 10-3 and 7-11 weekends) in the office

– ALL TRASH should be taken to the dumpster – nothing should be put in the hallways

– Prepare room for checkout (clean and empty everything, remove decorations, posters, hooks, etc)  SWEEP AND MOP (cleaning supplies will be available to checkout in office)

– Review the checklist provided by the RA and sign and date (and add the time) when you leave. THIS IS NOT AN EXPRESS CHECKOUT – you still need to checkout with an RA or express form.  Improper checkout is a $25 fine.  Failure to return key is $75.  

-Anything left in a room will be removed and placed in the staff office for 72 hours. 
GOOD LUCK on finals! Enjoy the rest of the semester and this lovely weather! 😎