Spring is finally here!
How great does it feel to where shorts again???

Seriously, it’s hard not to get hyped when it’s been so nice out lately. Birds are chirping, everyones wearing shorts and stuff, everyone has stopped hibernating and are soaking up the sun. It feels great. Not to mention, theres only about a month of school left.
Doesn’t it feel like 3rd grade recess? It sure does to me. I was on east campus this weekend just sitting with my friends watching everyone enjoy life. It was awesome. I even got the privilege of witnessing some dude get hit in the face with a frisbee. 
Well here are some fun things I put together to get you outside and enjoying the sun and getting some fresh air. 
  • Longboard!!!! Longboarding is honestly one of the funnest things I have ever done. I used to skate board a lot until I destroyed my ankle so I switched to longboarding and I’ll never go back. Even if you’ve never longboarded before, it’s so easy to pick up. Go try somebodys board out and see if you like it. Then go ahead and buy one if you do, you’ll thank me later.
  • Be a stoop kid. Honestly, I hungout on my friends apartment stoop all day yesterday and I loved it. Whether your hanging out on the stoop of Fox hall or the stoop of your best friend’s apartment, to each their own. Just soaking up the sun and relaxing is the greatest feeling ever. Just relaxing and being stress free is perfect. Listen to the radio and mellow out. I did that all day yesterday and it was the perfect day. 
  • Hangout with that special someone. Nothings better than a little spring fling. 
  • Sit in the sun and read a good book. A little bit of alone time is good too. 
Lastly, enjoy your time with your college friends, since once summer hits and schools over and everyone goes back to wherever they came from and hangout with their old friends its over. You might see your college friends over the summer but its just not the same. So soak it up and enjoy it while it lasts. 
Enjoy your day everybody,