So it is that time of the semester again. Yes THAT time of the semester again but no not THAT time of the semester. We still have the month of April for classes and May for finals. What I am talking about is advising.

If you were thinking that I was talking about the end of the semester you are a very bad man!

With advising coming up you are going to need to get that advising hold removed from your account, if you have one at all, which is normally done by meeting with your adviser. Advising begins on April 16th which is also the first day of Fall 2013 registration. If you are unsure of who your advisor is here is a screenshot of my iSiS to help you figure it out!
What you should be bringing to your advising meeting is a list of the classes you want to take next semester and also yourself! If you are unsure of what classes you are supposed to bring if you go to HERE you can select your major and then find a link to the course requirements you can see by year what classes you should be taking. If you are unsure of how you are doing in your classes and could potentially fail classes or get a grade that you wish to replace, creating schedules for different scenarios of what your grades are like at the end of this semester. 
If this blog doesn’t help you in any way shape or form I apologize but I can advise that if you have any further questions contacting your Advisor or department would be quite beneficial.