DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge- Use your NOODLE!

The UMass Lowell Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is hosting the first annual Difference Maker Idea Challenge!!
Let’s get your noodles working!! =) Get creative! 
In this first Challenge, student teams will be asked to develop real solutions to real problems. Students are asked to present a concept proposal for a needed service, product or business that addresses a real world challenge, such as climate change, access to health care, support for the arts, cyber security, regional unemployment (additional categories TBA).

  • ·         Applicants must be UMass Lowell students (graduate or undergraduate) or have graduated from UMass Lowell within the past year.
  • ·         UMass Lowell students or recent alumni must take a leadership role in developing, presenting and implementing the concept and proposed solution.
  • ·         Students are encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams, meaning students from different majors should work together in developing and implementing the solution. If you haven’t yet connected with team members from other majors, we will help facilitate this.

Challenge Details and Deadlines
Challenge Kick-off Events

  • ·         Applications due by 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15, 2013
  • ·         Applications must be submitted via the DM website. Forms are available at www.uml.edu/differencemaker.
  • ·         Finalists will be chosen for the pool of applicants and notified by Feb. 20.

Idea Concept Development – Jan. through Mar. 2013

  • ·         All student teams will be introduced to the Problem-Opportunity-Solution-Resources approach to problem solving. A series of workshops is scheduled to help teams examine their selected problem, explore the opportunity, develop possible solutions and identify needed resources.
  • ·         Idea Plan submission due by 5 p.m.  Apr. 12, 2013
  • ·         Each team must submit their proposed solution in an Executive Summary format, along with a concise PowerPoint Pitch Deck. This is an absolute deadline. Teams submitting plans past the deadline will not be included in the competition.

Idea Challenge Event – Apr. 17
Each team also will present a three minute pitch describing their problem and proposed solution before a panel of alumni judges. Each presentation will be followed by a brief Q&A session with the judges. The judges will convene to make final prize award decisions later this evening.
A total of $25,000 prize will be awarded. YES you read correctly, $25,000! =)
For more information contact: DifferenceMaker@uml.edu

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