Welcome Back!

To quote Baby Bash from his 2005 hit single Baby I’m Back ft. Akon I would like to announce that in fact, “Baby I’m back, yeah.”
I wonder what he’s thinking about?

Anyways, I hope all of you had a fantastic winter break. The month of January was certainly exciting and cold and it’s time to catch all of you back up. Classes are back in session so make sure you go to them and I hope you guys didn’t have to make it rain too hard at the bookstore. Today we are going to talk about the Spring Concert so start getting hyped. 


I want to start off by announcing, incase you didn’t know, the trillest rapper of all time Kendrick Lamar is coming to Umass Lowell April 21st! 
Young Kendrick doing what he does best.

Now I know you all wanted 2chainz or Juicy J and I did too but Kendrick Lamar is a good alternate. Kendrick Lamar is a pretty new rapper so if you‘re not about that life and haven’t listened to his music yet you should probably go buy his album “Good Kid M.A.A.D City” and listen to it. The album received universal acclaim and is definitely one of my favorite albums of 2012. 

And in case that didn’t get you turnt up Steve Aoki is coming to open up for Kendrick. I know all of you that wanted Dayglow or you’re reppin #twerkteam and all that stuff can definitely get excited for Steve Aoki. Here is one of Aoki’s hit tracks to get you excited. 
Now if you’re not hyped for this Spring Concert you’re doing something wrong. Now I bet you’re thinking to yourself “Wow, I’m getting hyped and stuff but ya know I was I spent all my money on books and stuff and I’m not trying to spending all this money cuz that Taylor Swift concert I attended last Spring cost me like over $100 and I’m not trying to spend mad money on a ticket.” Well to answer your concern, tickets are only $22 so for all you out there on your grind you only gotta save up like $0.30 cents a day to afford this. Once you get that $22 you’re gonna want to head down to Mcgauvran Student Center on South Campus and go to the 2nd floor and head over to the little window next to Student Activities. Head over there between regular office hours Monday-Friday and you will be fine, as of right now they are not sold out.You can only buy 2 tickets per student and you gotta bring your student ID with you so don’t take that shuttle all the down to South Campus without it!

That is kind of all the exciting information I have for you today, good luck with all your classes and try to stay warm. I’m about to go buy my ticket to that concert right now so if you know I’m gonna be there its gonna be a good time. 

-Tim Brown