Winter can be FUN! Just keep WARM.

Are you afraid? It’s almost here!! I can feel it, the cold yet burning sensation to my skin; tears running down my face, the red nose and discomfort. Oh why must I face this tragedy called WINTER?
Cold weather can be dangerous. Many people don’t realize how quickly cold weather can lower their body temperature, until it actually happens. Some people also don’t know how to properly dress so that they retain as much body heat as possible when going outside. Dressing properly can go a long way in preventing hypothermia and frostbite.
How to handle the cold
Set up your baseWalking around campus in the fall and spring seemed pretty easy right? Well winter will not be so much. Make sure you have set up a comfy and warm place for you to be at. Winter is the season to hibernate! (Not for too long though).
SuppliesGirls please don’t go out in our typical skimpy dresses, LAYERS is our BEST FRIEND! You will look hot in anything =). Warmer sweatshirts than the ones you used for fall, WOOL socks are heaven in keeping you warm, and a cute yet very warm coat is NECESSARY! Try Macy’s or Burlington Coat Factory for some. To spice up your wardrobe add a SCARF! Looks good and keeps you warm. YEY! Personally I have a drawer filled.
Find reasons to stay activeIf you are like me, you hate planning, and you just wait until one of your friends says “get dressed, we’re going out!”. That is a perfect motto to follow in fall, spring and summer. NOT WINTER. Winter is the time where even if your brain doesn’t want to stay in, your body is telling you WE”RE STAYING IN! Fight your body! Many people fall into depression and become very anti-social in the winter, you don’t want to become that. FORCE yourself out of bed, have dinner, play in the snow, bring your blanky and watch movies at a friend’s place, etc. STAY ACTIVE.
Find the positivesChristmas music! My ultimate favorite! Wait until December 1st you WILL hear me sing them around campus. There is Hot chocolate, throwing snowballs at your least favorite roommate (muahaha).  Then there are presents, going into the city and seeing how even more beautiful it looks with all the colorful lights everywhere, checking out the cool ice sculptures and snow angels! You can even go off to a log cabin for the weekend with friends and ski or snowboard, and then come back to the warm fire and BOND! Winter is not all that bad as long as your LAYERED and kept WARM.
Where to look for some winter fun