Everyone’s favorite kind of videos, Viral Videos

I am almost certain that at some point on the past four months you have witnessed the latest sensation in Viral Videos, Gangnam Style. While PSY definitely did gain a lot of fame from his video he is certainly not the first person to be thrust into the spotlight after posting a video to Youtube. 

For those of you who have not yet witnessed this ludicrous music video, you’re welcome

I have read the Korean to English translation of the lyrics, I advise against this. It would be similar to Nena doing an English translation of their German hit “99 Luftballons” 
What 99 red balloons triggering a nuclear war looks like

A viral video does not need to be a catchy song with a fun dance it could also be a video taken by a father of his then seven year old son recovering from oral surgery and still being rather loopy. 
I got my wisdom teeth out once, I didn’t have quite the same reaction. I was more afraid of the pink elephants on parade

The scene from Dumbo that caused me to have nightmares every night for five years and what I thought was happening after my surgery

If there is two things that I have learned from researching for this blog post it is that Disney had a temporary mental lapse when they included the pink elephants scene in Dumbo, it was poor judgement on their part. Oh and the other thing is that if you too want to have a viral video you should do one of two things, either video tape everything that happens in your life and eventually something very interesting will happen or come up with a catchy song and dance. You think I am wrong about this? Check out these two videos. 
This dude ended up on Ellen and she did his dance

This kid cried and had shirts made because of it

So as you can see my logic in how to make your own viral video is flawless and should be attempted by everyone. Video tape everything. This lesson was also imparted on me from the Paranormal Activity series due to the fears of being demonized by an invisible demon.