Well It’s Friday. We we we so excited because….

(Sorry but that needed to be done.)

It’s Tim’s blog of the week. This week i’ll be talking about:


Alrighty, I’m in a really good mood this Friday because I just got out of class and it’s the weekend! To quote Rebecca, “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday, we, we, we, so excited. We so excited. We gonna have a ball today!” 

Seriously, I need to stop talking about Rebecca Black. Let’s shift our discussion to intramurals. 
So as some of you may be aware, intramurals technically already started… But your one wish is about to come true, because this is your moment. The second quarter of intramurals is incoming. The deadline is October 18th, So you still have some time to sign up. 

Your probably like, “But Timothy, I’m not sure what intramurals there are, help please?”

I would be glad to help because I’m sweet like that. They have a plethora of options. Including: 

5v5 Indoor Soccer
5v5 Open Basketball
5v5 Women’s Basketball

Alright, well those are the three intramurals for the second quarter. However, we also have tournaments! Here are the three tournaments and dates:

Racketball – November 7

Street Hockey – November 12

Squash – December 5

Don’t be confused though,If you want to sign up for the tournaments you still need to sign up by the deadline of October 18th. 

You can also find a ton of more information on the UML Intramural page located at:
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and weekend. Be safe and have fun! I’m outta here.