Who’s missed us?!

Of course you all missed us! I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are ready to have a fanstatic semester (: For those of you who don’t understand what the Ambassador Program is, here is a little overview:

The Ambassador Program aims to keep in contact with new students as they transition to the UMass Lowell campus and community. We are here to give you helpful tips and tools to get you through your first year at UML. We are always willing to answer questions that you have or adresses issues that you want to learn more about/find important. Basically, we are here for you! So ask all your questions, vent to us about your bad day, or come to the events we promote because we just want you to have a super fantastic year!!

And part of the process of feeling like you can trust our advice and tips, is by getting to know us. So here is a little bit about me!

My name is Meg Reid and I am a third year Exercise Physiology major, with minors in Nutrition and Disability Studies (I am VERY busy!). I live in the ICC with my 2 best girls. On campus I am Secretary of the Glee Club, an Orientation Leader, and this is my second year as an Orientation Ambassor. I was a competitive dancer for 15 years and miss it soo much. I am obessed with coffee and tootsie pops (super yummy)! When I’m not working or in class, I love being outside or at the gym. I am a huge gym rat so feel free to say HI if you see me there!

Favorite Movies: Grease, Nick&Nora’s Infite Playlist, and 50 First Dates
Favorite Food: Yogurt with granola and strawberries!!
Favorite Band: The Beatles and Dave Matthews Band
Favorite Hockey Team: Bruins (I’m in love with Tyler Seguin)
Favorite Basketball Teams: Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics
… I don’t watch Football or Baseball enough to have favorites
Favorite On Campus thing to do: Hockey games at the Tsongas Center

Enjoy your week everyone!