We truly are the better UMass..

So remember in high school when people asked you why would choose going to UMass Lowell rather than UMass Amherst? Although UMass Amherst is a great school, we are just simply better. UMass Lowell has been popping up in the news all over the place, from being on lists of the Top Universities in the world to our alumni winning awards for their great accomplishments. And I thought that would be a great idea to get all of these great stories together for y’all to read and be reminded about how truly amazing UMass Lowell is.

Why we love UMass Lowell:
SHE Students rock!
Increasing Graduation Rates!
Our Alumni Win Grammys!
Alumni make good money!
Top 200!

Of course these aren’t the only reason why we all love this University. My favorite thing is how welll prepared alumni are when they enter the ‘real world’. I haven’t heard one alumni say they didn’t feel ready for the world after going to college here. Personally, I think that there are soo many great things about UMass Lowell that one blog isn’t enough room for them all! Did I miss your favorite thing? Let us know what your favorite part about UMass Lowell is!