SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey All,

How was your spring break? Did you do anything fun? Did you go anywhere tropical? OR were you a couch potatoe like me 🙂 My break was amazing, it consisted of me sleeping, cooking, eating, and the oh so dreadful homework (tried to avoid it but couldn’t). Over spring break I took my FIRST EVER cooking class, which was extremely exciting. I know how to cook but it was nice to see someone else do it and have the hands on expereince. Instead of watching the food network and just watching it. Do any of your know how to cook? Easy Mac, ramen, and pasta don’t count. Sorry guys 🙁 Heres some daily cartoons about stuff

Let me know how your spring break was, Remember only 43 days left of the semester, and advising starts NEXT week!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO sign up early so there it isn’t a hold on your account!!


P.S what do you think of this song??? This is the BEST song ever!!!!!!!!!! and yes she is better then Justin Bieber Friday!