GLEE?!!? WHAT?!?!?! AT UML!?!?!

Yes. That is right! A Glee Club is starting up HERE at the lovely UML!!!

Do you like singing?
Do you like dancing?
Do you play an instrument?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, then JOIN!!!
To join contact Ashley Tello – 
The UML Glee Club is currently under construction and will be an official club once there are 10 signatures of committed members, a constitution written, and SGA approves the club! And they already have an advisor, the CD of South Campus, Marshall Greenleaf!!

So….how do you start a club of your own?!
Step 1. Find something you’re interested in! It can be basically anything….(that is obviously legal…)
Step 2. Find 9 other people that want to join your club!! (10 including you!!)
Step 3. Find a full-time faculty member to be your adviser!
Step 4. Stop by SGA (In McGauvran) and pick up a “How to Form a New Undergraduate Student Club” form and fill it out!!
Step 5. Use said form to get those students from Step 2 and get them to sign your Form!!
Step 6. Write a constitution, a template is in the form!
Step 7. Send in your form to SGA and wait for approval!!!
It’s that easy!!!
So…great take aways from this amazing blog.
– If their isn’t a club already for your interest, MAKE YOUR OWN!!!