It’s That Time of the Year!

Hey guys! 

As most of you know, it’s that time of the year to sign up for classes and to meet with your advisors (which I’m hoping most of you did already)! Here are a few tips to help you get into the classes you should be in!

1. Check your advising report on ISIS. Just sign into ISIS and click self service then student center. Then in the big box in the middle of the screen on the bottom left hand corner it will say “advisement report.” Just click that and it will show you the classes you need to take. If you notice any mistakes just let your advisor know!

2. If you’re not sure about a class, talk with your advisor about it. Shoot them a quick email and ask them when you can come in to talk about it. Or if you’re around just drop by their office and see if they have some time. 

3. Have your classes all picked out the week before, or at least the night before. You can search for them and put them in your shopping cart until the morning of. So you can just wake up and click proceed! 

4. Some classes go quickly so make sure you get up early in the morning and register. Which will only take two seconds if you do Tip #3! Aside from classes getting filled up quickly, sometime ISIS is a little slow because so many people are signing on! So the earlier you try it, the more of a chance you will have of actually getting on quickly! 

5. Double check your classes! If you want to sign up for a class make sure you have all of you pre-requisites and co-requisites met, otherwise you won’t be able to get into the class! 

6. Finally, don’t sign up for a class just because you heard the professor or class was easy. They may have been easy to that particular person for a number of reasons: they liked the material, they understood the professors style of teaching, it was easier compared to their other classes, etc. Everyone learns differently and has different ideas on what “difficult or challenging” means. So pick the classes that work well with your schedule, not because you heard it was easy! 

If you have ANY questions, you can email any one of the ambassadors at our student emails. All of our emails are setup as follows:

Good Luck with your registration. I hope you all get into the classes that you want! 

Cait 🙂

Penguins are my FAVORITE! 🙂
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Baby Seal!(I think..)
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