WOAH! It’s almost OVER?!

Hey there!!! 

So in case you haven’t noticed THIS SEMESTER FLEW BY!!! Every semester does, but it can seem really overwhelming once you notice there are finals, packing, holidays, and a TON of other stuff going on!

Here are some tips to stay calm, cool, and collected!

1. Start preparing for your finals!!! Figure out your final schedule! Find out what you need to do for each class, whether it’s a final project or a final exam. If you have final papers or projects due, get a head start so your not cramming in and studying for exams after that. Start making study guides and study groups for your exams so you’re ready!

2. If you have to start packing for winter break, pack in small bunches and take trips home if you can. It’s easier to start with the clothes and things that you won’t need or use until then so by the day you need to move back home, you’re just taking your essentials with you.

3. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah are all fast approaching! If you plan on buying gifts or need some extra dough, start saving up now so you’re not struggling or worried by the holidays.

Well, let us know if you feel overwhelmed and we’ll help as best we can!!