updates for november!

Hey Guys!
Just a reminder for everyone, next Thursday is Veterans Day!  A time to remember all of our soldiers who are at the war right now, who fought hard for us, who were killed in battle, or are injured, or are coming home safe.  Because of this day, the university will be closed which means there will be no classes.  So on wednesday, it will be a THURSDAY class schedule.  Make sure you mark this in your calenders!  All of your professors might be reminding you but its always good to have another reminder. 

Also, another thing to remember, daylight savings time is this sunday the 6th!  We all get to sleep an extra hour!  Make sure you set your clocks before you go to bed though or you might end up showing up to work an hour early! 

That is it for now!
next blog I will be talking about the best holiday of the year…TURKEY DAY!