It’s that time of Semester

Hey Guys,

Can you believe we are already half way done with this semester. For some it’s your first semester for others last semester here. Anyways it’s that time where you have to meet with your adviser to talk about classes for next semester. SCARY!!! A few weeks from now you will ACTUALLY be signing up for classes. I hope you remember how to register for classes from orientation! If not never fear here are some tips on advising and registering for classes

1. Don’t wait till the last minute to meet with your adviser
2. Be prepared when meeting with your adviser, have an idea on what you have to take or what you are going to take next semester.

3.After meeting with your adviser start making your schedule and find out when you are eligible to sign up for classes (You don’t wanna be stuck with a class you don’t want)

4. Make sure you know how to search and find classes. If not ask around: room mate, RA, or us your ORIENTATION leaders  

Good luck guys ~______~ any questions ask here!!!