Feel like your time on campus is not as exciting as it could be?  Do you feel like you need to prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Do you have class on south campus!? Then UML’s game of Humans Vs. Zombies is the game for you!  Basically this is how it works.  You all sign up at this site right here:

Once you sign up, you will either be assigned as a HUMAN (resistance) or you will be the original ZOMBIE (hord)  Humans will wear a bandanna provided by the people who run the game around their arm, and it will say HUMAN on it.  Zombies will wear the bandanna that says ZOMBIE on it on their forehead. Now, it is the humans job to stay alive by avoiding the zombies.  The humans won’t be defenseless though! All humans are allowed to have 6 seed packets on their person at all times, and if a zombie is hit by one of these packets, a zombie will become stunned for 15 minutes before he or she can attack again, giving ample time to the human to run away to a safe zone.  All indoor buildings and sidewalks will be called *safe zones* and zombies cannot maul humans while they are in the safe zones.  It is the zombies goal to eat all the humans (this is done by tagging one of them) and once a human is tagged by a zombie, they too become a zombie!!  A zombie must tag a human once every two days, otherwise the zombie will *starve* and die and not be a part of the game any more.  Now there are also special missions that humans will go on and if the succeed, then humans will be granted special items to help defend themselves against a zombie such as an extra life, or being able to not wear your bandanna for a day so zombies wont know if you’re playing or not!  On the other side, zombies also get upgrades too from time to time… but you will have to play to find out what they are!  The game is over when either all the zombies die, or all of the humans are turned into zombies. Its a great way to have fun on campus during the school day and its a great game to play with your friends, so team up, join on the site that is provided and happy hunting! (more in depth rules are provided on the site)

Good luck being the last human alive,

James (  <—  Will probably not be the last human alive)