Feeling Stressed Out Lately? Me Too!

Hey guys!

If you, like me, have been feeling stressed out lately then take a real break! Today I realized that even when I was taking a break, I was still worrying about school and money and all that jazz. That is not a break. That 
is pausing from all your busy work to reflect on all of the stuff that is stressing you out and will continue to stress you out. If you want to relax then sit down and watch a movie and don’t think about anything. You could join an intramural team and use that to distract you from your daily worries. Or you could go for a run or workout at the Rec Center. 
          There is so much around campus to keep you distracted from all of these stressful things, so make sure you are utilizing them! Last year my grades improved after I joined the Rugby team because I could think more clearly when I wasn’t going over everything I have to do. So again, make sure you are taking time for yourself, because you NEED your sanity to graduate school, I promise! I hope everyone’s stress levels are low and you’re enthusiasm to get out of your rooms and do something/meet new people is high! Have a great semester! 

-Cait 🙂