Living Under One Roof

Hello everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this fantastically beautiful Tuesday…day!  It has been the first few weeks of school and this blog is for all of you who are living on campus and have a room mate… or 2… or 3!  I’m sure that some of you by now are ready to rip out your hair because your room mate(s) are driving you up a wall and you want to get as far away from them as possible.  Just take a few steps back a a few deep breaths and TALK to your room mate.  Communication is a big part of any kind of friendship or rather in this case: ROOMMATESHIP. (Brand new word for all of you, feel free to use it in everyday conversation).  Get to know you’re room mate in case you haven’t already.. You might find that you have a lot more in common than you thought and best yet, if you talk it out, your room mate will be more aware of what they are doing to drive you absolutely insane (and bald), and will stop doing the annoying act that is making Rogaine’s stock go through the roof! 

Also, if you already have tried this, talk to you RA about the situation.  They are there for you and to make sure that you are having a great time while living on this campus.  They can help you if you have any problems with your room mate and your ROOMMATESHIP (seriously, use this in conversation if you want!) that cannot be solved by simple communication.  Might I suggest that you all get lunch with your room mate sometime, or just hang out with them, maybe tell them about your day, and your lack of hair.  You will be living with these people for at least a semester, so you should be friends with them and hopefully you will have just made a great life-long friend!
Happy talking it out! ENJOY THE ROOMATESHIP

~James (Chief and Director of Interpersonal Roommateship)