Hey Everyone!

Jeff here to fill your brains with what we are doing here in the office…

We have a new system that we Orientation Ambassadors are implementing in the office.  Everyday there will be blogs, tweets, and someone always on the facebook for you to see what we are up to and to ask us questions.  The good thing about asking us questions on the Facebook is that the answers are immediate.  most departments make you schedule an appointment and that can just be a hassle!  So remember to utilize us as a readily available resource…you’re already our friends now use us :).

Now for the fun stuff….

If you have not heard about the Campus Movie Fest then open your ears because im about to fill them with knowledge.  Now the “fest” itself is a week long event, which started today.  Participants have one week to film a 5 minute short film.  They also have to do all of the editing and preperation ALONE…spooky I know.  The movies will premier on March 25th at Cumnock Hall.  The premiers start at 8PM and run until everything has been shown.  It should be a really cool event and a lot of fun…and plus I am in it with Ben Nguyen as my guide so come and support your fellow directors!

The Movies That Rock series is still kickin’ and this weekend it is Brothers.  It has that guy from Spider Man and that guy from Broke Back Mountain and some other woman.  The Guy from Spider Man goes to war and “dies” so the wife begins to develop a relationship with the guy from Broke Back Mountain, which is the guy from Spider Man’s brother!!!  (OMG I KNOW)…THEN, the guy from Spider Man comes back somehow and flips and then the movie just gets juicy.  So check it out at the Common at Fox Hall on Sunday at 8PM and Monday at the ICC at 8PM.

On Friday March 5, there is a comedian coming to The Common at Fox Hall presented by UML LOL.  His name is Shane Mauss so check him out it’s free and probably going to be funny so it is a nice way to unwind after a stressful week.

Those of you interested in the music that your fellow students produce, guess what?!?!  There is a Wind Ensemble concert in Durgin Hall on Monday March 8.  The concert starts at 7:30 and is free so be sure to come by and listen to some good music!

Alrighty that’s enough from me so I will see you all on the flip side of Facebook.