downtown eats

I was watching the Travel Channel the other day and one of those diner shows was on, the ones where some guy roams across the country in search of that perfect local eatery. This episode happened to have a place in NYC that sells deep fried candy bars. (don’t worry, I do have a point) Now, I thought to myself; that sounds disgusting, yet intriguing. Later on that day, (alright, here comes the kicker) I got an e-mail from the honors program about a trip to Mama Lia’s Pizzeria on Merrimack Street in downtown Lowell. It caught my interest, so I thought I’d check out their menu. While browsing their menu I scrolled across their dessert selection and, you guessed it, they sell deep fried candy bars. Upon reading this, I figuratively back flipped out of my computer chair.

Ok, I’m sure they sell other fine items, like pizza for instance. But the only thing on my mind right now is what on Earth a fried Milky Way might taste like. For all of you living at the ICC, this place is right around the corner. For those not interested in going out to eat, they do deliver, as any good pizza place should. If you give this place a try, especially if you sample their fried candy bar selection, let us know what you think. I wonder if they would just deliver a fried Snickers bar?…