Hey everyone it’s Cynthia. You’ve  probably noticed that the blog has been lacking posts in the last couple of weeks. I know I’ve been super busy preparing for finals and finishing last minute projects. Talk about CRAMMING (not a good idea).

This semester I have five finals spread out on five days. Not too bad in my opinion. But one thing I’ve learned from previous finals is that now is the most important time to be organized and on top of time management. I know the calendar on my iPod has helped me sort out my time a lot.

Now more than ever it is super important to organize your time. Make sure you spend enough time studying, but don’t over-work yourself. You need to balance your time so you dont stress yourself out. To relieve stress, try going to the gym. It helps you focus more when you return to studying, and it relieves stress. If physical activity isn’t your thing try something else.

You can try playing a board game or a video game with your friends. DON’T OVER DO IT THOUGH! If you let your stress-relief take over the time you spend studying you won’t do as well on the exam.

Good Luck!