The semester is winding down!!!

Hey everyone, Jeff here with some information about the end of the semester…if you already don’t know. ISIS will be back up on Wed. December 2 so for those of you that still need to register you can do so starting the 2nd. It will be much easier to use! The last day of classes are going to be on Monday December 14th. The 15th is Reading Day and there will be no classes. The 16th is when final exams begin. If your professor has not already told you when your final exam is, you can go to the Registrars website, or just click on this link…

That is the direct link to the schedule. It is all listed by department and course number so if you know those then you can just see when your final is going to be that way.

Be sure to check your e-mails as well because myself and the other Orientation Ambassadors are sending out e-mails just to check in with everyone and see how your first semesters were here and to answer any questions that you have.

Alright I’m Done,