Study Abroad

Are you interested in seeing things outside of Lowell? Outside of Massachusetts? Outside of the USA?

Lucky for you, the Study Abroad program is offering a program to tell you what its all about. The meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18. There will be plenty of staff there to answer any questions you might have. Also, students who have just returned will be sharing their experiences. This meeting is 10 – 11 AM in O’Leary 222. This meeting does not commit you to anything, it is simply informational.
If you can’t make this meeting but want more information about the study abroad program, talk to Kristen Rhyner in the Centers for Learning.
I just read about a semeter abroad in Florida that looks really interesting to me. I’d love to go to this meeting, but I have class on North unfortunately, so let me know how it goes!
That’s all for me for now. I have a test in an hour and a half, so I gotta go study!